Guess what? You have a story to tell. You and I are part of a bigger story. Our ideas are important and can impact the rest of the world. Others need to be able to read it. But does your narrative really reflect YOU, your values, your mission? How do you feel when you walk into your space, see your logo, or hear your testimonials?

I'm here to help you make it happen through creative mediums. Redeem a ho-hum spot through art, media, events, and copywriting. I'm ready to tackle whatever message you desire to portray and let other people hear your voice. Your purpose isn't just something you love, it's your identity. With advertising and design being the most influential pieces of society, let's build community where it lacks. Let's keep momentum flowing with even more soul. Who wouldn't love to see what you commit to, what makes your heart beat fastest? Let's make your passions contagious!

You can reach me by email at jcmcelroy1990@gmail.com or view my creative Pinterest boards at https://www.pinterest.com/jillcm/. My Instagram is @mcjilli. I'm literate in Adobe Creative Suite, as well as the app Over. If you're in need of a resume, check out my LinkedIn or here for the real deal resum-A-game.


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